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Beth Johnson


Beth is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and is certified in Complex Trauma. She also is trained in Brainspotting, a brain and body relational psychotherapy. It uses feelings in the body to process complex trauma that is stored in the non-verbal part of the brain, allowing clients to live more freely without the weight of past trauma. 

You can expect Beth to deliver quality service in an atmosphere of tolerance, humor, and cooperation whether she is meeting with you, your partner, your family or your organization.

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Beth's Therapy FAQ

Does Beth accept insurance?

Beth offers only private pay therapy. At the time of service, you will need to pay 100% of the fees. You can submit paid invoices to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. She is not under contract with any insurance agency and is considered an out-of-network provider. If your insurance company requires additional information to identify possible coverage, please contact her.

What is Beth's availability?

Beth has limited appointment availability. There are no walk-in hours available. Please contact her at 317.294.0493 to schedule an appointment.

What is Beth's fee?

Beth charges $135 per hour per session. Payment is required at the time of service.

What type of payments does Beth accept?

Beth accepts all major credit cards, checks, cash, Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flex spending cards. She does not bill clients for later payment.

How long are Beth's sessions?

Sessions are always scheduled for 50 minutes, whether in the office or via Zoom. There are options to schedule additional time if needed. An additional hourly fee will be required.

Does Beth prescribe medication if needed?

Beth is not licensed to prescribe medication or provide medication management. She can refer you to a provider or connect with your provider if you are interested in exploring possible medications.

Where do I meet with Beth?

Her office is located at 48 West Madison Street in historic Downtown Franklin, Indiana. It is located in a beautifully restored older home (painted blue) just to the west of Main & Madison Market Cafe. The relaxed, home-like atmosphere is inviting (not clinical) and features Beth's beautiful artwork. Your session will take place in a confidential, private room. If needed, or necessary Beth can meet you online via Zoom.