Using Your Natural Abilities to Change

Organizations and people who run them can easily become stuck. Internal and external forces can prevent you or your business or nonprofit from reaching your potential or serving your mission.

We work individually or in small groups to discover what is preventing you from moving forward. We then help you leverage your talents and strengths to solve the challenges you face.

What We Offer
  • Stress Management Workshops
  • Trauma Training
  • Individual Life Coaching (Life Transitions, Spiritual Growth, Stress Management)
  • Volunteer Management Consulting


When You Face Change

Lots of factors can make or break your personal or professional development or the success of your organization. We help you:


Understand the Motives of Yourself, Team

Your personality or that of your team members greatly influences your ability to reach your goals or implement change. The Enneagram is a multifaceted tool that provides a comprehensive shortcut to self-awareness and efficacy. 

While many personality tests focus on behavior, the Enneagram zeros in on motivation and individual perspective based on a specific type. Most motivations exist beyond our everyday level of understanding. The Enneagram shines a light on hidden beliefs and subconscious strategies that hinder our ability to flourish personally and professionally.

Our consultant Gina Huff provides the testing and interprets the results to help you better understand how to leverage those motivations for successful outcomes. She welcomes a conversation about how his valuable tool can be valuable on your journey.




Let's Begin

a Courageous Conversation

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